CMI Nutrition BIG Grape, 1.41 lb


BIG “GROUNDBREAKING” - Post-Workout/Pre-Bedtime REM

Make no mistake about it. BIG is not one of those reproduced, repackaged, or self bloating mass gaining mixes. You know exactly what I am referring to. Those infamous 2,000 calorie, 300 carb, 30 fat gram mass milkshakes that make your waist wider than your back.

BIG is the only SIZE & REM Matrix that will take the edge off that every Hardcore Bodybuilder and Athlete craves. That 100mph feeling that will not stop just because your workout does. Never again will your pre-workout stimulants/fat burners interfere with the rest of your day or the sanctity of your sleep. Never before has a product been developed or even thought of that builds crisp clean muscle through rest, activity, and ingredient. This is it. This is BIG.

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  • Model: CMI005
  • Manufactured by: CMI

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