ISS Research hgh Promino Plus AM/PM, 30-day supply


Promino Plus is simply the most advanced hormone optimizing system ever developed! hGH Promino Plus is an advanced 2 part gH and IGF-1 precursor system.

It builds and further advances Growth Hormone Secretagogue Research. Unlike other formulas that were only developed to rejuvenate the elderly, hGH Promino Plus has been specifically formulated with the athlete’s goals in mind.

ISS Research has discovered a way to optimize Growth Hormone release and utilization to match an athlete's own unique circadian rhythm. As you can imagine the body of a young healthy athlete functions very differently from one of an elderly individual with a sedentary lifestyle.

Promino Plus is specifically targeted for individuals who want to absolutely maximize their growth potential!

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  • Model: IS-010
  • Manufactured by: ISS Research

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