ISS Satur8 Rush, Grape Smash 480 grams


Satur8 Rush™ by ISS® is truly the next evolution in pre-workout supplementation. Featuring a three tier approach, Satur8 Rush™ primes the body and mind for high performance with: Cell Volumizing Enhancers designed to rush nutrients to the muscles for extreme pumps, vascularity and muscle fullness. Focus & Energy Enhancers designed to improve mental focus, intensity and drive. Electrolyte & Hydration Enhancers

Designed to ensure proper electrolyte balance avoiding fatigue and cramping. With added performance agents assisting with pre-workout energy, Satur8 Rush™ allows total control over the most grueling workouts without nausea, upset stomach, bloating or muscle cramping. In a drink mix whose taste is superior to all other pre-workout formulas available, Satur8 Rush™ translates to more sets, more reps and ultimately more weight that will power you through each and every workout.

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  • Model: IS-113
  • Manufactured by: ISS Research

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