BioQuest Tetrazene ES-50, 180 caps


Check out this amazing thermogenic, fat-loss technology called Tetrazene ES-50, from BioQuest Pharmaceuticals. This high-tech formula stands out from the others because it works through a unique, multi-pathway synergy that covers nearly every aspect of bioactivity required to promote optimum results.No wonder Tetrazene is the fastest growing diet product of it's kind.

To start with, it's the only product available that contains the super-class polysaccharide KGM-90. This ultra-potent form of KGM (Konjac glucomannan) is the same material proven to outperform even some of the most powerful ephedra-based products from the past. KGM-90 actually works to help modulate the rate of absorption and digestion. It also helps curb appetite. In fact, Tetrazene's super-potent KGM compound has been shown to help promote weight loss. Tetrazene then complements this powerhouse compound with an advanced matrix of the most potent and proven thermogenic components that help to boost metabolism, increase norepinephrine concentrations, increase energy levels and calorie burning, and enhance fat oxidation. Simply stated, Tetrazene's scientifically engineered, fat-loss formulation is quite possibly the most effective technology we have ever seen.

Every serious bodybuilder, athlete and fitness enthusiast knows what it takes to lose that excess weight. Proper diet, intensive workouts and a truly effective thermogenic-these are the proven keys to real success. There are no shortcuts, but there is a way to achieve your goals faster than ever. Take Tetrazene ES-50 and discover for yourself!

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  • Model: BQ-001
  • Manufactured by: BioQuest

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