BioQuest MyoZene, Fruit Punch 4.16 lb


New MyoZene represents an entirely new approach to post-workout mass-building technology. Unlike existing formulas that can take hours to shuttle crucial aminos from stomach to bloodstream to muscle tissue, MyoZene is so swift-acting and anabolically active it bypasses digestion almost entirely and begins supporting muscle recovery and growth within minutes of ingestion. This breakthrough formulation is centered around a unique and specialized pharmaceutical protein, which is ultra-hydrolyzed via complex enzymatic processing to yield super-low-molecular-weight peptides which are so rapidly and efficiently absorbed that they actually bypass the standard digestion process and go directly into the bloodstream.

MyoZene is specifically engineered to speed aminos to muscle tissue in the narrow-but-crucial anabolic window that opens immediately after intense exercise. This unprecedented rapid action is of utmost importance because recent research indicates that up to 90% of muscle growth occurs within a very brief interval after intense exercise. The vast majority of post-workout formulas simply take too long to work their way through the digestive process and into the blood stream, thus missing their maximal anabolic window of opportunity entirely. When consumed immediately following intense resistance training, this revolutionary formula is designed to induce a powerful anabolic cascade, including a substantial surge of anabolic insulin combined with rapid amino acid uptake into muscle tissue for greatly accelerated muscle synthesis.

Ultimately, this precise combination of insulin and rapidly absorbed ultra-hydrolyzed proteins delivers a massive flood of aminos to muscle cells more rapidly than ever, resulting in the ultimate synergy for promoting faster and more complete muscle recovery, along with dramatic muscular growth. If building muscle is your primary goal, you simply cannot find a more efficient and effective nutritional tool than this extraordinary new breakthrough in performance-enhancement technology.

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  • Model: BQ-003
  • Manufactured by: BioQuest

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