Amino Vital Fast Charge, 6 packs


In 1995, Ajinomoto sports scientists set out to create an advanced sports performance supplement that would safely and effectively deliver all the energizing, restorative and fitness-enhancing power of amino acids. The end result of their efforts is Amino Vital, the first sports performance supplement formulated with precisely the right combination of amino acids your body needs for greater fitness and higher performance.

Product Benefits:

-Energizes while combating fatigue.
-Rich in BCAAs as well as arginine and glutamine, Amino Vital delivers the power your muscles need for sustained exertion.

Studies also show that this unique combination of amino acids results in lower creatine kinase (CK-MM) levels in the bloodstream, which can be a symptom of muscle damage and exhaustion.

Ensures fast absorption to help prevent dehydration. Requiring no digestion, Amino Vital passes from the stomach into the intestines and from there to the rest of your body as quickly as possible. In addition, the osmotic pressure of Amino Vital is designed to allow a fast but steady rate of absorption, so more fluid reaches your body tissues when you need it most.

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