Champion Nutrition Super Heavyweight Gainer, 6.6 lb


Champion Nutrition defines the state of the art in gainers once again... To gain ultimate mass you must consume lots of calories! If you eat just three regular meals a day at 900 calories each, and add three SHW shakes at 3600 calories, you've taken a whopping 6300! No problem! SHW contains 50 grams of high quality protein in every glass. Plus SHW contains these ingredients to help control fat: Citrimax- to help reduce the amount of carbohydrate that gets converted to fat. Chromate- to help drive aminos and carbs into muscle tissue where they can give you massive size without fat. MCT's give you energy to recover fast with less conversion to fat. Packed with vitamins, minerals, protein, and even fiber to keep everything working right! Super Heavyweight Gainer for the ultimate in bodybuilding!

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  • Model: CN-014
  • Manufactured by: Champion Nutrition

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