Athletic Bodycare Complete Body Care System, Kit


All of the products needed to make sure you have a Clean, and Smooth Body.

Athletic Body Care is alcohol free and therefore has none of the ill effects associated with alcohol-gel based sanitizers. Research from several studies has concluded that the frequent use of alcohol based sanitizers actually increases the number of bacteria on the skin.

Alcohol gel strips away the skin’s natural oils and severely dries the skin with repeated use. This effect has many negative implications that reduce the effectiveness of alcohol based products in real world environments. For example, users of alcohol based products often complain of the drying and irritation resulting from prolonged use, and are therefore prone to avoid their repeated use. Additionally, alcohol based products not only dry the skin, but also cause the formation of small cracks in the skin increasing the skin’s capacity to trap and carry disease causing germs.

Alcohol begins evaporating from the skin almost immediately after it is applied. Upon evaporation of the alcohol, its killing power is gone, leaving the skin dry, chapped, and susceptible to infection. Unlike alcohol, Athletic Body Care will not sting or burn when it comes in contact with small cuts and scrapes. The patented SAB delivery system found in Athletic Body Care actually has a soothing effect on small cuts and abrasions.

Some makers of alcohol sanitizers have added emollients, such as Aloe Vera, to try and reduce the drying effect of the alcohol. However, the emollients remain on the skin after the alcohol has evaporated, and these emollients remain. The remains are sticky, unpleasant to feel, and can be transferred. The sticky emollient residue can actually become a “germ magnet” and collect germs from surrounding surfaces and skin contact. A better solution is the unique, alcohol-free formula found in Athletic Body Care that leaves the skin cleaner and softer with repeated use.

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