Athletic Bodycare Clean Power Wash, 8oz


What is Athletic Body Care Clean Power Wash?
ABC Power Wash is a four-in-one product that is strong enough to wash away bacteria, dirt, sweat, and body odor. It is designed to protect, soothe and tone your skin, leaving your skin comfortably soft, moisturized and protected.

How does ABC Clean Power Wash differ from other antibacterial cleansers on the market?
ABC Power Wash is a natural cleanser, with naturally occurring minerals and botanical extracts. Its distinct mixture is a result of the Benzalkonium chloride (BAC), and other natural extracts found in ABC Power Wash.

Is ABC Clean Power Wash fortified with ethyl alcohol, like many other products Iíve seen?
No. ABC Power Wash cleanses your skin very gently compared to other body wash products on the market. It contains a natural blend of extracts that exfoliates body skin without drying. Physicians and aestheticians have turned to the minerals and salts found in ABC Power Wash to sanitizefor over 60 years!

What is the need for ABC Clean Power Wash?
Now, more than ever, germs are everywhere. And they donít take a vacation, even when you do. ABC Power Wash delivers odor protection and helps cleanse the body. The natural extracts and Jojoba exfoliating beads make you feel refreshed after your workout and will keep your skin healthy and looking its best. ABC Power Wash, as a natural cleanser, offers these benefits, and contains natural extracts such as green tea and sandalwood that many antibacterial soaps do not have.

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