MHP TRAC Grape, 425 grams


Improve Physical Performance/Enhance Cardiac Output/ Speed Recovery!

What are the benefits of TRAC?

*No Sugar
*Improves Creatine Transport
*Increases Energy Levels
*Improves Absorption and Bioavailability
*Cell regulation and DNA repair
*Anti-Oxidant and immune system support
*Sustained nutrient delivery
*Stimulation of dopamine, adrenaline, and norepinephrine
*Increased blood flow

Aside from being the most advanced Creatine transport product ever developed, TRAC™ also provides many additional muscle building and physiological benefits. TRAC's™ time-released Nitro-Loading properties also improve the absorption of other nutrients. That's Right! TRAC's™ sustained production of Nitric Oxide can increase nutrient delivery (specifically amino acids) to working muscles. So, any other supplements you are taking, especially proteins, are going to be better utilized by the body. This is definitely an added bonus for bodybuilder and athletes.

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  • Model: MP-027
  • Manufactured by: MHP

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