Xen-Tan Perfect Bronze Compact



Xen-Tan Perfect Bronze Compact

Xen-Tan PERFECT BRONZE is a perfect "compact" tan. This is not a blush. The
natural bronze color and sheer, semi-transparent texture is blended to
perfection for a great sun-kissed look. Brush on the fresh beauty of the summer
sun in seconds with just a few strokes.


Self Tanning Instructions

XEN-TAN is formulated in insure a natural, streak-free tan - even for the
beginner. With the guidelines (below) and a little practice you are assured a
"perfect" self tan.

After tanning ...

Go about your normal activities and let XEN-TAN do the work. In 2-3 hours you
will develop a healthy, natural-looking tan that can last 7 days. You can tan
before bed if you use darker colored sheets. Or wait 15 minutes after tanning to
dress. Xen-Tan self tanner washes out of most fabrics but we always suggest
wearing dark colors.


Shower using an exfoliating scrub and dry off thoroughly. Do not apply
moisturizers - it will dilute and diminish the affect of self tanners. Xen-Tan
includes a blend of moisturizers perfect for streak-free application even around
wrists and ankles.


Start by applying self tan in a circular motion to thighs and blending down
lightly over knees and then in a circular motion again around calves. Blend a
small amount of the self tanner in a downward motion over feet, be sure to blend
around ankles.


Using a circular motion again blend the self tanner over stomach, chest, and as
far around back as you can reach. If you want to tan your whole back cut off a
piece of saran wrap 1 Ĺ feet long and fold over to make a long strip. Apply dots
of tanner to the strip and then use to smooth over back.

Blend tanner over shoulders and down arms ending at the wrist. Keep arms bent
so that slef tanner distributes evenly over elbows.


Rinse off hands with warm water and soap. A scrub brush will take off any excess
from you palms and assure that nails arenít stained. Dry hands off thoroughly on
a dark towel.

Apply a small amount of tanner to the backs of hands and blend with a cotton
square or makeup sponge. After applying tanner, make a fist and wipe color off
knuckles with a bit of alcohol on another cotton square. You can apply a bit of
lotion to feet, hands and elbows after about 15 minutes to make sure they tan

NOTE: Due to the Manufacturer's
restrictions, we cannot ship Xen-Tan products to the following countries: UK,
Australia, and New Zealand.

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