Pure Essence Transitions, 60 caps


We all know that hot flashes, mood swings and related discomforts are triggered by hormone imbalances. But, few know that such imbalances stem, in turn, from weaknesses in the Kidney System and the Blood.

Estrogens and progesterone are produced in organs and glands that are parts of what Chinese Medicine calls the Kidney System. They are transported through the body by the Blood. If the Kidney System is weakened by poor diet, stress, etc., hormone levels fall. If the Blood is sluggish, hormones may not reach the cells they're meant to serve. Thus, Chinese Medicine sees hot flashes as manifestations of symptoms, hormone imbalances as the actual symptoms themselves, and weaknesses in the Kidney System or the Blood as the things that cause them.

Transitions is the only supplement you'll find anywhere that addresses both symptom and cause. It provides the most complete package of hormone balancing factors ever offered, plus an exquisite group of Superior Tonic Herbs to help relieve the discomfort of menopause

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