HALO Purely for Pets Vita-Dreams Daily Greens, 100 tabs


Important healthy greens a part of your pet's diet?Pets that like to eat potted plants or grass are actually telling you that their bodies are lacking certain nutritional substances. Nature provides wild animals with access to a wide variety of leafy greens, plants, herbs and berries. Since most commercial pet foods contain hardly any vegetables (check their labels), your pets may be truly missing out.

To ensure a nutritional balance for the health, vitality and longevity of your pet, HALO has created VITA-DREAMS DAILY GREENS for dogs and cats. Our delicious, complete Multi-Vitamin Herbal Supplement with live enzymes, trace minerals, amino acids and lots of healthy, nutritious chlorophyllins supplies an abundance of that good ''green life'' nature intended. These natural SUPER-FOODS can help restore nutritional balance, and digestion, purify the blood, strengthen the urinary tract, increase cell efficiency and promote stamina. They also neutralize free-radical activity with important antioxidants, ke

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  • Model: HL-004
  • Manufactured by: Halo

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