CMI 24/7 Cherry, 1000 grams


24/7 is an all day muscular and anabolic matrix designed to shuttle nutrition to the cells before, during, and after exercise.

Use 24/7 any time day or night for Insane Muscle Hardness, Fullness, and Strength.

24/7 contains the first ever PERFECT PATENTED CARBOHYDRATE. This unique potato derived starch is a high speed, high molecular weight nutrient transport vehicle. It will shuttle vitamins, minerals, and other performance enhanced chemicals to the cells faster and more effectively than other carb based post workout formula. Due to the speed at which this carb performs its function, it is recommended that it be taken before and during exercise, not just after. For complete recovery, glycogen, and total strength begin using this formula today.

24/7 is 25 grams of the most cutting edge synergistic blend of High Molecular transport Carbohydrates designed to speed up recovery, increase glycogen levels, and build FREAKY STRENGTH & SIZE.

24/7 delivers a whopping 3 grams of Beta Alanine.

24/7 is a L-Leucine based (Branched Chain Amino Acid)(3 grams) frenzy. By pairing it with the Perfect Patented Carbohydrate, our Leucine (Anabolic Matrix) reaches its destination, quicker than any other performance formula.

24/7 is 3 grams of TAURINE. IMMEDIATE RECOVERY, ENDURANCE, & STRENGTH. Studies show that while TAURINE and BETA ALANINE compete for the same receptor sites, TAURINE will not lower Carnosine levels. This unique combination is over the top for lean muscle mass building.

24/7 is the only formula to date to contain a recovery matrix designed to rebuild your cells while still working out. Imagine this if you will. The ability to rest less between sets, lift more from the get go, and train longer/harder.

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  • Model: CMI016
  • Manufactured by: CMI

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