CLIF Bars, Carrot Cake 12 bars


Enjoy the taste of baked whole grains and fruit/chocolate with a unique blend of simple and complex carbohydrates that provide a quick energy boost as well as a steady supply of fuel. CLIF Bars are 100% natural with no wheat or dairy products that may cause allergic reactions in some people. Each bar contains soy protein (non-GMO) for heart health and 23 vitamins & minerals for enhanced performance. Get sustained energy with a nutritious food bar which provides you with a great balance of protein, carbohydrates, fiber & dietary fat. Clif Bar believes in using only the highest quality, all-natural ingredients. In keeping with this tradition, we use only non-GMO soy, meaning that none of the soy used in Clif Bar products has been genetically modified. Circle-UD kosher.

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  • Model: CB-003
  • Manufactured by: Clif and Luna Bar

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