Bodywell Tight Curves, 30 servings


Finally and for the first time, thereís a perfect protein product for women only: Tight Curves. We call it Tight Curves because, in conjunction with proper nutrition and exercise, thatís exactly what it will give you.

Tight Curves protein is the first and only multipurpose HeartHealthy product that delivers 14 grams of high quality protein, only with 4 carbs. It also includes calcium for bone health, a concern of women susceptible to osteoporosis, and Green Tea and Folic Acid.

With your overall health, fitness, and well-being as our goal, BodyWell Nutrition and its team of scientists, and researchers formulated Tight Curves to deliver the benefits women want most. Daily use of Tight Curves promotes toned muscles, enhanced fat oxidation (fat burning), regulated moods, increased endurance, and decreased recovery time from exercise or other activity.

Women Need the Right Protein
Women need protein to maintain and tone muscles and to increase endurance. This is especially the case for women following low-carbohydrate nutritional regimens. Women also need high-quality protein. Thatís why Tight Curves contains HeartHealthy soy protein, which is of course free of animal fat.

Tight Curves is a proprietary blend of patented natural agents. Tight Curves is powered by pepto pro, a scientifically developed protein that does not have the digestive issues associated with other proteins such as whey. PeptoPro was proven effective during tests at the 2004 Olympic Games held in Athens.

More of What Women Want
With Tight Curves you can get the much needed quality protein in a great tasting blend of ingredients that will have a positive effect on you from head to toeÖBut donít look for it in five gallon jugs. Youíll find it in convenient, Ziploc-style packages and single serving packets that keep the product fresh and handy. Mix 1 serving with water, and itís ready to drink.

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