Biochem Ultimate Lo Carb Whey, 24 oz


Whey protein is the superior protein for lean tissue (muscle) growth, tissue repair, immune and tissue health. Whey has a unique amino acid profile most conducive to muscle tissue growth and unique peptides that have been found to have profound effects on health in so many ways. CFM Whey is superior to other whey products because it is completely undenatured, retains important protein fractions (peptides) easily lost in processing, and offers the most easily utilized and digestible form of whey. CFM Whey Pro has a perfect ratio of amino acids for lean tissue building. It also includes the highest level of branch-chained amino acids, Glutamine and Glutamic acid, guaranteeing the highest nitrogen retention to protect against muscle catabolism. CFM Whey Pro is not “cut” with cheaper, less effective forms of whey like many other whey products on the market.

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  • Model: BC-034
  • Manufactured by: Biochem

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