Beverly International Muscularity, 180 caps


During precontest dieting it is essential to keep your protein intake high. In fact, as your body fat becomes lower and lower, it seems almost impossible to continue to hold on to your hard earned muscle tissue. The paradox is that as the contest approaches, you instinctively train harder, increase your cardio and tighten your diet even further. Your goal is to somehow maintain, or even increase your lean muscle tissue while continuing to burn fat. Unfortunately you're putting your body at the brink of catabolism. Research provides us with incontestable evidence that a practical solution is at hand.

Research has found that BCAA's will positively influence protein synthesis. This suggests that supplementation with Beverly International's two premier Branched Chain Amino Acids, Muscle Mass and Muscularity will help bodybuilders in a catabolic (breaking down) state or a muscle wasting state.

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  • Model: BV-020
  • Manufactured by: Beverly International

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