Beverly International Mass Maker, 17 svgs


Do You Want To: Maximize the Results of Intense

Exercise? Increase Lean Mass? Increase Strength? Speed Recovery?

Then you’ll want Mass Maker, one of the most powerful mixtures ever put into a powder. Mass Maker is calorie and nutrient rich to fuel your grueling workouts, speed recovery, and accelerate muscle growth. The taste is awesome and the science behind it is REAL, proven in the real world, not just on paper or in the lab.

Mass Maker is structured around a 30% protein – 60% carbohydrate – 10% fat macronutrient matrix. With the exact ratio of protein to carbohydrates determined to be optimal for recovery, Mass Maker is the ideal post workout recovery drink. You’ll also be glad to know that Mass Maker has every thing you need for a convenient, nutrient rich, easy prep muscular support meal.

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  • Model: BV-014
  • Manufactured by: Beverly International

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