Athletic Edge Nutrition Intrabolic Citrus, 480 grams


What is the point of investing your hard earned money on supplements that claim to be the latest and greatest phenomenon when they are not going to help you during your workouts?

Bodybuilding is about body - building. During workouts, muscles are torn down and fatigue can be a tremendous challenge. By providing your muscles with effective nutrients during your workout, you will boost the anabolic response, fight the catabolic effects of exercise and delay muscular fatigue, ultimately leading to new muscle gains!

Continuing to evolve with the latest advancements in Nutrient Timing Science, we bring you IntrAbolic:

Intra (During) + Anabolic (Muscle building) = IntrAbolic, The Pioneer of During-Workout supplementation

IntrAbolic™ Highlights:

Stimulate Muscle Growth
Fight Muscle Breakdown
Boost Explosive Muscular Strength & Increase Endurance
Increase Muscle Fullness and Vascularity
IntrAbolic-Peptides™ provide rapidly absorbed, low-molecular weight di- and tripeptides
Blends easily with spoon or in water bottle
What makes IntrAbolic so unique and effective?
Custom Whey Protein Hydrolysate = IntrAbolic-Peptides™

IntrAbolic works by utilizing a unique whey protein hydrolysate (WPH) found exclusively in IntrAbolic. Custom WPH has undergone a high degree of hydrolysis (over 30%) which supplies primarily low-molecular weight, di-and tripeptides we refer to as IntrAbolic-Peptides™. Unlike standard intact proteins and long chain peptides, IntrAbolic-Peptides™ do not have to undergo the typical slow digestive process. Their unique properties also allow them to utilize a highly efficient transport system, specific to di-and tripeptides. Unlike regular amino acids derived from intact proteins which are slow to enter the bloodstream, IntrAbolic-Peptides are rapidly absorbed, causing a tremendous spike in extracellular amino acids.

Research has shown, it is extracellular amino acid concentrations that stimulate and signal our bodies to increase protein synthesis and maximize the anabolic response. Concurrently, this large amino acid spike causes an insulin increase to fight muscle breakdown which occurs during training. Rapid and efficient absorption also makes these peptides ideal for use during your workout as they will not cause bloating or stomach discomfort like other intact proteins.

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